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Kami menggunakan teknologi videoconference BigBlueButton untuk memberikan layanan dalam penggunaan videoconference untuk interview antara kami dan stakeholder.

Bahkan bila kita tidak memiliki fasilitas videoconference sekalipun.

Yang Anda butuhkan hanyalah sebuah computer yang dilengkapi dengan webcam soundcard dan sambungan internet yang andal.

Videoconference ini dikembangkan oleh tim IT PPPPTK IPA .

Yang bisa diintegrasikan dengan sistem Pengembangan Keprofesian Berkelanjutan (PKB) Pendidik dan Tenaga Kependidikan (PTK) di Indonesia.

For Developers

The BigBlueButton project is supported by a community of developers that care about good design and a streamlined user experience.

See API examples for how to integrate BigBlueButton with your project.

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Bergabung di Sesi Video Conference

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Record and Playback

BigBlueButton can record your sessions for later playback by students.


The whiteboard controls let you annotate key parts of your presentation.

Desktop Sharing

You can broadcast your desktop for all users to see (requires lastest version of Java for presenter only).

WebRTC Audio

Users of Chrome and FireFox browsers will benefit from high-quality, low-latency WebRTC audio. (Users of other browsers will seamlessly use Flash-based audio.)


You can upload any PDF presentation or MS office document. BigBlueButton keeps everyone in sync with your current slide, zoom, pan, annotations, and mouse pointer.

Web Cam

Multiple users can share their webcam at the same time. There is no built-in limit on the number of simultaneously active webcams.